Trade X Partners (TXP) has set the standard for best corporate barter practices by adhering to stringent guiding principles, harnessing the best talent and seeking breakthrough ideas that place our clients needs at the forefront of our efforts…your barter needs are always our top priority. TXP is the corporate barter arm of MDC Partners, one of the largest advertising holding companies in the world. We provide services in North America, Europe and Australia. We will soon be operating in Asia.

Our team of senior level professionals offer expert advice and thoughtful guidance for companies considering corporate barter.

Trade X Partners has developed meaningful barter/trade relationships with companies across most sectors of business. We help companies restore full value to almost any non-performing asset by leveraging our business expertise and fresh business perspectives through corporate barter solutions while providing superior fulfillment opportunities. But that’s not all we do.

Our services go beyond the standard transaction to ensure your barter media and other goods & services meet or exceed your planned expectations.

In fact, we guarantee it! Ask us for details.